November 8: Grand Opening Of 5 Press Gallery Featuring Work By NOCCA Faculty & Alumni

The NOCCA Institute is proud to announce the grand opening of its newest project, 5 Press Gallery. The gallery focuses on artists with a connection to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, including present and former faculty, visiting artists, and alumni. It is located in the new NOCCA Forum at 5 Press Street, where the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood meets the Bywater.

5 Press Gallery’s first show is Salutations, which opens with a silent auction and reception November 8 from 6pm to 9pm. Items that have surpassed their “buy it now” bids by 9pm will be marked sold. All other pieces will remain open for bidding through Sunday, November 16. Winning bidders will be contacted at the close of the show.

Artists participating in Salutations include faculty/former faculty Seth Boonchai, Terry DeRoche, Nikki Jackson, Jenny LeBlanc, Mary Jane Parker, Keith Perelli, Ann Schwab, and Michel Varisco, as well as alumni Nathan Arthur, Sally Caraway, Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell, Hannah Chalew, Emilie Gossiaux, Stephen Hoskins, Erica Lambertson, Jacob Martin, Bonnie Maygarden, Brandan Odums, Terrance Osborne, Megan Roniger, Ashley Teamer, and Carl Joe Williams.

Admission to both the gallery and the opening reception is free, and the public is encouraged to attend. Inaugural gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm. Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell is the gallery director.

Above, from left: details from work by Carl Joe Williams, Ann Schwab, and Erica Lambertson.

Below, from left: details from work by Nikki Jackson, Nathan Arthur, and Keith Perelli.

salutations 2


About the Artists

Please check back for additional artist profiles.

Nathan_Arthur_In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by

Nathan Arthur received a B.A. in Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans.  He has been the resident scenic painter for the New Orleans Opera since 2003 where he has painted over forty different productions.  Aside from his scenic work, he also does fine art paintings and is a photographer.  His paintings focus primarily on nature and it’s relationship to the current digitized world.  With his photography, Nathan captures both the natural and the unnatural, exploring the beautiful and intricate swamps of Louisiana and creating surreal, conceptual portraits.


Sally Caraway, who currently paints and creates artist books in New Orleans, attended NOCCA during 2005-2007 and went on to graduate from Memphis College of Art. Her work, which frequently depicts figures or Louisiana wildlife, revolves around an internal, personal mythology, made in response to events in her life. Through realistic renderings of her subjects, Sally creates metaphorical images that are surreal and psychological. Her paintings seek to bring the concrete outer world and the abstract inner world together and connect to the viewer through a visual representation of a shared emotional experience. Sally’s work has exhibited at venues throughout Memphis and New Orleans and her work was recently purchased for public display at Exchange Gallery by the Arts Council of New Orleans’ 2014 Percentage for Art program.

(image: Self Portrait as Liar Sally Caraway)


Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell attended NOCCA from 2001-2005 and received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2009. Amanda is an organizing member of Press Street’s Antenna Gallery, lead of Press Street’s MiniPlex film screening program and one of the organizers of New Orleans’ annual 24-hour Draw-a-thon. She holds art openings in her home which have featured over two dozen artists, hosts artist brunches, and runs an occasional artist-in-residence program from her sofa. Her practice takes the form of drawing, video, installation, clip-art, performance, and interactive happenings that frequently involve food. Amanda became the director of 5 Press Gallery in September 2014. Currently, she is hosting an exhibition of 3D drawings, black velvet paintings and black light art in her home, Atemporal Macramé, organized by local cartoonist Caesar Meadows. Amanda is currently in the process of curating a show at Antenna Gallery in January titled Welcome to My Homepage, and co-curating an exhibition with Bob Snead called Making Do which will be seen at Antenna in August 2015.

(image: Ouroboros and Donuts Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell)

Absent I_Hannah Chalew

Hannah Chalew studied at NOCCA in 2001-2004 and continued on to receive a BFA from Brandeis University in Boston. Returning to New Orleans for several years, Hannah co-founded T-Lot, an artist-run studio and exhibition space in the St. Claude Arts District. Her work, which depicts the plant life that re-colonizes abandoned human spaces, examines the tension between nature and culture in the built environment. Hannah draws from direct observation, visiting transitional areas of the city and creating drawings from life both on the wall and in space using organic and man-made materials. She has shown locally and nationally in galleries, art fairs and museums, including the Asheville Museum of Art in North Carolina. Hannah is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in painting at the Cranbrook Academy of Art outside Detroit. Later next year, her work can be seen at the Ann Arbor Center in Michigan, Dieu Donne in New York City and the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. Hannah Chalew is represented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans.

(image: Absent Hannah Chalew. Courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans)

Erica_Lambertson_Wilting Erica_Lambertson_Dog Erica_Lambertson_Winter

Erica Lambertson who attended NOCCA between 1998 and 2001 received a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 2006. She also studied abroad in Aix en Provence. Erica creates representational, narrative paintings. Pulling from life, memory and photo references her paintings reflect on the world in which she lives. The world inside of her paintings has evolved to parallel the real world in as a slightly exaggerated, surreal-like dream state. Erica is fascinated by the uncanny and uses painting to attempt to capture it. She works from a variety of photographic sources – everything from personal and family photographs to old magazine clippings and images found on social media websites. Erica Lamberston’s work can be seen at Gallery Orange on Royal Street.

(image left to right: Wilting, Dog, Winter Erica Lamberton)


Emilie Gossiaux attended NOCCA from 2003-2005 and went on to study at Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts, in West Palm Beach, Florida and Cooper Union in New York City. Emilie’s work takes a multi-sensory approach to art which can be experienced with more than one sense: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. She works primarily with sculpture, performance art, and sound. Emilie is the recipient of a Kennedy Center award for work which she continued to make after losing her sight in a bicycle accident in New York in 2010. Emilie has shown at galleries in New York, the Smithsonian in DC and has an upcoming show this fall at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London.

(image: Bowls, forks and sink from Spaghetti Night. Installation view.)

rainbow striped shirt

Stephen Hoskins studied at NOCCA from 2000 to 2003 and went on to receive an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. The majority of his work is portraits and figure based work done in gouache and colored pencil on paper.  The work rainbow striped shirt is part of series called omissions in which he explores the visual identity of a person when the information that we rely on most—a subject’s facial features—are missing. His work has been shown at The Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette, Contemporary Arts Center, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and The Front in New Orleans.

(image Rainbow Striped Shirt Stephen Hoskins)

Jacob Reptile (Jacob Martin) is a sculptor and fibers artist who graduated from Kansas City Art Institute after attending NOCCA in the years 2001-2004. Jacob’s work is influenced by his love of costuming and his childhood obsessions with animals (especially reptiles) and cartoons.  His body of work includes pop collaged quilts with recycled fabrics and large paper-mache sculptures using a contact cement technique that is employed in the fabrication of Mardi Gras floats. Jacob is involved with many Mardi Gras krewes and creates elaborate costumes for many one night events. In 2011, he purchased a building in the Bywater in order to create the Aquarium Studios. Operational, but still in the process of remodeling, the building houses seven art studios, two residencies, and a gallery space. It opened just in time for Prospect2 and except for some of the summer, has continuing monthly art events. The Aquarium Studios has two upcoming shows that include Jacob’s work, “Condensed Milk”  opening October 25th and running through November 2014 and “Cash Cow” opening Dec. 13th.

The Aquarium Studios is located at 934 Montegut.


Bonnie Maygarden studied visual arts at NOCCA during 2003-2005 and continued on to Pratt Institute in New York, graduating in 2010. Bonnie recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts from Tulane University. Her work utilizes the aesthetic of disposable novelty and enhanced perfection found in the digital experience and combines it with the formalities of painting such as the hand painted image, the stretched canvas, and the gallery setting. By countering the traditional context and modes of Fine Art and creating work that initially appears to arise from familiar synthetic production methods her work seeks to uproot our expectations, perceptions, and value systems. Bonnie has been featured in exhibitions both nationally and internationally in various museums, galleries and alternative venues.  Her paintings were also featured in the New American Paintings, No. 112, June/July Issue. Most recently her work was included in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s third annual LA Contemporary Juried Exhibition which premiered on Whitney White Linen Night 2014. Bonnie has  also been commissioned for Hollywood feature films by several production companies. Bonnie Maygarden is represented by Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans.

(image: POS Bonnie Maygarden. Courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans)

Brandan Odums attended NOCCA between 2001-2003. As the founder and director of 2-Cent Entertainment, a youth organization that bridges the gap between pop culture and social awareness, Brandan uses art as a tool for activism. Working in a variety of media, Brandan has used both the lens of his video camera and the nozzle of a spray paint can to highlight the challenges of modern-day New Orleans. In 2013 he gained nationwide attention for “Project Be (#ProjectBe),” a series of graffiti murals depicting iconic African American civil rights crusaders that he painted on the sly on the walls of a soon-to-be-demolished-and-rebuilt public housing complex in the 9th Ward. Brandan is as dedicated to honing his own art as he is to empowering the city’s youth to channel their creativity into positive projects

Terrance Osborne attended NOCCA at its original Uptown campus in 1993. He then graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Xavier University in New Orleans and for the following five years he taught in the public school system. After Hurricane Katrina ended his job as an elementary school teacher, he decided to dedicate his time completely to his art. Recently Terrance’s work has become an internationally recognized item. He was granted the honorary “Forty Under Forty Award” for his teaching and artistic contributions to the city of New Orleans. In 2006 Terrance was honored by New Orleans Magazine as one of the “Fifty People to Watch”. In 2007 his Official Jazz & Heritage Festival Poster entitled “Rebirth” quickly became one of the most sought after posters of the year. Terrance followed his first poster with two more – 2010 Uncle Lionel, “Say Uncle” and 2012 Trombone Shorty’s “Porch Song”. Additional partnerships and commissions include, Nike, Harrah’s Casino, Hilton, Sean Payton, and Archie Manning. Terrance Osborne has his online gallery,


Megan Roniger studied at NOCCA between 1998 and 2001. Megan’s work in collage, works on paper, and site specific drawing and painting utilizes forms, colors, patterns and vignettes from her regional surroundings in search of a narrative about that place. She is interested in identifying what she calls ‘markers of home’: objects, colors, sensory experiences and so forth that become universal to our collective idea of home independent of cultural, social or economic backgrounds. Her work cerebrates these markers to open the door for conversation about what people have in common. Megan is a founding member of The Front, an artist-run collective and not-for-profit gallery which fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of New Orleans through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, and other arts programming. In addition to exhibiting with The Front both locally and internationally, her work has been shown in a number of galleries and institutions around the country. Megan has an upcoming solo exhibition at The Front this coming March, and will be participating along with other members of The Front in a group exhibition at MASS Gallery in Austin during July 2015.

(image: Hatched Megan Roniger)

Ashley Teamer

Ashley Teamer

Ashley Teamer attended between 2006 and 2009 and continued on to Boston University, where she received her BFA in Painting and Sculpture.  She was recently the Artist-in-residence at the St. Roch Community Church in New Orleans and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. This past spring, Ashley presented an installation, Booty Galaxy at the Joan Mitchell studios on Rampart which challenged the traditional definition of painted “space” through sculpture, painting, and video. In addition to being an organizing member of Press Street’s Antenna Gallery and 24-hour Draw-a-thon, Ashley is the Program Coordinator of Press Street, a non-profit umbrella of arts and literature organizations. This fall, Ashley is working for the Deltaworkers artist residency as a Programming Assistant.

(image: Ashley Teamer)

10 Carl Joe Williams The Quantum Collective Development of  Consciousness copy (1)

Carl Joe Williams attended NOCCA for three years at its original location Uptown. He continued his studies at Atlanta College Art, graduating in 1994. While in Atlanta, Carl produced solo exhibitions, participated in several group exhibitions and completed several public art projects. The rhythmic patterns in his paintings are inspired by geometric forms found in nature. He describes his works as “symphonies of colors.” His interpretations are enhanced by his vision of art and music as extensions of one another. An accomplished musician as well as a visual artist, Carl incorporates his musical compositions into videos and installations. Found objects play an important role in Carl’s works by becoming elements of a narrative continuum addressing societal and historical concerns. Carl’s work has been displayed in several venues in both New Orleans and Atlanta, including Journeys, an installation at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, commissioned by the Department of Aviation. Williams’ Sculptural Trees installation on the median of Veterans Boulevard was described as reminiscent of “lollipops in a Candyland forest.” He was hosted by the Joan Mitchell Studios in New Orleans as an artist in residence. In 2013 Carl’s produced a solo exhibition at the George Orh Musuem of Art. Along with Ayo Scott he co-curated “Pass it On,” a tribute to John Scott and the McKenna Musuem of African American Art. Currently, Carl’s work in on view at the Crystal Bridges Musuem in Arkansas and at New Orleans Museum of Art and the Joan Mitchell Center as part of Prospect.3. Carl Joe Williams is an organizing member of Antenna Gallery, an artist-run non-profit gallery in the St. Claude Art’s district.

(image: The Quantum Collective Development of Consciousness Carl Joe Williams)

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