Light Painting with Miro Hoffmann

In this workshop, participants will work in ‘direct cinema’ painting on clear 16mm leader film to create abstract two-dimensional compositions in light. At the end of the workshop, films that are finished will be screened on a film projector in the gallery.  No experience in film or painting is required.

Miro Hoffmann’s light paintings combine his interests in light, painting, film, sculpture, and architecture. Moving away from the theatricality of cinema towards an act of seeing into a three dimensional and interactive experience that engages with the materiality of film and the experience of light, his film loop installations are drawings through space, projections of abstract paintings, minimal gestures encompassing the physical into navigating through light, space, and shadows. The artist’s work in film and painting  can be seen on his website

Miro Hoffmann is an alum of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He is currently an artist in residence at the Joan Mitchell Center.


One or two-day workshop in November

Saturday and/or Sunday, November 21-22, 1pm to 6pm

$35 for one day (Saturday OR Sunday) or $45 for both days

Image: Installation view or one of Miro’s ‘Light Paintings’, which also includes a film loop and sculpture installation.