Ursa Eyer and Sadie Sheldon: Atlas of a Deconstructed Albatross

5 Press Gallery is very excited to present a new, collaborative installation by NOCCA alum Ursa Eyer and installation artist Sadie Sheldon entitled “Atlas of a Deconstructed Albatross”.

“Atlas of a Deconstructed Albatross” explores the interior of a living body overcome by synthetic waste. Inspired by iconic photographs from Chris Jones depicting a young, decomposing albatross filled with plastic, Eyer and Sheldon have created an immersive work comprised solely of discarded materials. This installation highlights the scale and impact of synthetic materials as they relate to life over time.

Opening Reception 
Friday, January 19th, from 6 – 10 pm

Closing Reception and Artist Talk
Saturday, March 10th, from 6- 9 pm